Wire and Cable Insulation Applications

Electrolock and its team of specialists in high temperature insulation applications have the expertise and capabilities to deliver high quality, high performance electrical and thermal insulation materials for use in a variety of applications, including:

appliance wire

Appliance Wire

Multiple certifications for appliance wire in a wide service temperature range.

fire retardant cable tape

Flame Barrier & Circuit Integrity

Fire-resistant tape ensures circuit integrity during a fire.

magnet wire

Magnet Wire

Insulated wire capable of operation at high temperatures in motors, transformers and other electromagnetic equipment.

insulation tape for traction motors

Traction Motor

Wire and cable insulation for high stress environments in electric traction motors.

high temperature insulation for down hole pump

Down Hole Pump

Insulation for the harsh environments of offshore oil platforms.

insulating heat tape

Military and Defense

Long-life insulation for wire and cable used in harsh military environments.

insulating heat tape

Communication Cable

Long life cable insulation for use in various communication cable applications that demand high quality insulation.

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