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Electrolock offers a complete range of high performance wire insulation and cable insulation products. We stock a variety of products and raw material, and are extremely responsive in designing, manufacturing and converting wire and cable insulation products to ensure fast turnaround.

Capabilities include slit widths from 3/16" to more than 1", with most products available on traverse packs or flat pads. Plus, our engineers and technical specialists have extensive experience in high temperature insulation products to provide successful solutions every time to meet your unique challenges.

Mica Tape

Mica Tape

Mica tape uses either muscovite mica or phlogopite mica to offer the high temperature performance, reliability and durability needed to insulate wire and cable from extreme temperatures and other demanding environments.

PTFE Glass Tape

PTFE Glass Tape

TF 300 and TF 500 glass tape applications include cable wrap, release and separator sheets, and belting.

polyimide tape

Polyimide Film

Polyimide film and polyimide tape meet high performance cable and wire insulation needs with their reliability, durability and combination of outstanding electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties.

Separator Tape

Separator Tape

PA 150 Separator tape is a pressure sensitive insulating tape used to protect cable and conductors from filling materials during manufacturing.

silicone glass

Silicone Glass

Silicone glass delivers exceptional resistance to a variety of stresses when used as a cable and wire insulator.

high temperature insulation

Other Insulation Products

From Nomex tape and Mylar tape to a number of other wire and cable insulation materials, Electrolock offers products that deliver outstanding resistance to thermal, environmental and mechanical stress.

Epoxy coated Nomex®

Coated Insulation

Insulating electrical components requires dependable products that perform at specific temperatures. Electrolock provides coated insulations for a wide range of needs and projects.

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