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Polyimide Films & Tapes

Polyimide film and polyimide tape meet high performance cable and wire insulation needs with their reliability, durability and combination of outstanding electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties.

Polyimide film and tape offer unique high and low operating temperature capabilities, plus high abrasion and cut-through resistance. They can operate at 220 degrees Celsius and provide dielectric values at 5,000 volts per mil. Chemical properties include resistance to most acids, solvents, lubricants and hydrocarbons, while electrical properties include high dielectric strength and low dissipation factor. By offering an extensive range of polyimide film and polyimide tape, you can be certain we'll be able to meet your unique design and process requirements.

Apical Polyimide Film

APICAL polyimide film possesses an excellent balance of physical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties over a wide range of temperature (-269°C [-452°F] to 400°C [752°F]). More precise thickness control, superior web flatness, plus improved adhesion and excellent dimensional stability are standard features with Apical polyimide films.

Items Units Typical Values Conditions Methods
Thermal Properties
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ppm/°C 32 100 to 200°C TMA
Chemical Properties
Water Absorbtion % 2.9 D-24/20 ASTM D-570
Coefficient of Humidity Expansion ppm/%RH 16 50°C HMA
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength MD & TD MPa 245 20°C ASTM D882
Tensile Modulus MD & TD GPa 3.1 20°C ASTM D882
Elongation MD & TD % 115 20°C ASTM D882
Electrical Properties
Volume Resistivity Ωcm >1016 20°C ASTM D-257
Dielectric Constant - 3.3 20°C, 1 MHz IPCTM-650
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage V/μm 320 20°C, 60Hz ASTM D-149
Apical Polyimide Data Sheets

Apical® AV
Apical Comparison for Wire/Cable Applications

Applications for this Product

Electrolock offers high performance polyimide film and polyimide tape with excellent mechanical strength and adhesive properties at elevated temperatures, making them ideal for a variety of demanding applications, including:

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