silicone glass tape on a military cable

Silicone Glass

Silicone glass delivers exceptional resistance to a variety of stresses when used as a cable and wire insulator. From high temperature resistance to high abrasion and cut-through resistance, silicone glass offers a shield to thermal, electrical, environmental and mechanical stress.

Silicone glass from Electrolock is designed for use in applications where high temperatures exceed the maximum rating of traditional plastic and rubber insulated wires. With a wide variety of silicone glass insulation products to choose from, Electrolock can meet your individual design and process requirements.

1570TX Silicone Coated Fiberglass

1570TX is a lightweight silicone coated cloth consisting of a fully cured silicone rubber coated on an electrical grade, straight weave fiberglass cloth. The unique fire resistant characteristics of this product make it ideal for use in power cables, signal cables, and flame barriers.

Total Average Thickness (in) 0.010
Fiberglass Cloth Thickness (in) 0.0035
Total Substance Weight (lb / yd²) .69
Tensile Strength-MD (lb /in)
Tensile Strength-CD (lb / in) 100
Dielectric Strength-Minimum (Kv) 0.9
Tests to determine application suitability should be made by each user. Electrolock can not guarantee performance in the user's application. 96-1/ Copyright 1996 Electrolock, Incorporated. Electrolock, Inc. is an ISO-9000 certified company.
Silicone Glass Data Sheets

Silicone Coated Fiberglass

Applications for this Product

Electrolock offers high performance silicone glass insulated cable and wire for use in a number of high temperature and other demanding applications, including:

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