High Performance Capabilities

insulation capabilitiesFor more than 50 years, Electrolock has been pioneering high temperature insulation solutions for a variety of industries.

Technical Specialists

Our technical sales specialists' insulation capabilities come from years of high temperature insulation design experience and a connection with a global network of suppliers. They understand innovative design and process improvements, providing you with a wealth of design and manufacturing experience.

Converting Services

radix cableEngineering expertise together with our state-of-the art converting process mean we can deliver high temperature insulation products quickly and in the format you need — including slit widths from 3/16" wide to more than 3+".

Quality Assurance

Our engineers, technical specialists and extensive network of resources are committed to understanding your design, process and cost considerations. We work with you to define the problem, then design, manufacture and test the solution. Electrolock has strict quality control policies at each step of the process, which ensures the end product meets your most demanding performance requirements.

Lab Technology

insulation and thermal laboratoryElectrolock customers and suppliers have access to the latest technology in our advanced testing laboratories.

  • Analytical lab — can identify, examine, evaluate and compare insulation materials. We perform tests on the chemical, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties of materials to determine which will work best in your application.
  • Process lab — can determine how materials will perform in your process.
  • High Voltage lab — allows us to develop more efficient designs for your insulation system by testing dissipation factor, voltage endurance, voltage breakdown and partial discharge.

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