Mica Tape for Wire and Cable

When a project calls for wire or cable insulation that withstands extreme temperatures and environments, look to mica insulation from Electrolock.

Mica Sheets, Paper, and Tape

Muscovite Mica and Phlogopite Mica perform well in high temperatures. These mica insulators are reliable, durable, and flame retardant--and they insulate wire and cable safely.

Electrolock offers mica insulation in many varieties, including:

  • Tapes (with many backing options)
  • Sheets
  • Paper

High Temp, Flame Retardant

Mica insulation sheets, tapes, and papers provide flame and heat barriers while still delivering high thermal conductivity. They are suitable for use in applications in many industries, including:

  • Appliance and magnet wire
  • Traction motors
  • Down hole pumps
  • Military and defense- Navy shipboard
  • Communication cable

Electrolock mica tape for wire and cable is available in traverse packages or flat pads.

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Custom Solutions

Electrolock is all about custom solutions. We solve problems. We design products that meet your most demanding performance requirements and exceed your expectations. Our design, testing, and stringent quality control processes ensure that we create the highest quality products. And we do all this within your budget.

About Electrolock

Electrolock is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and converting high temperature insulation for wire and cable applications. Since 1957, Electrolock has been developing material-design solutions for applications requiring high performance electrical and thermal insulation products.